26 October 2009

Benefits of Meditation and Objects of Meditation

But, you may ask, is meditation really worth the time commitment?" “What benefits can I expect, since there are no tangible material gain in it?” Again, William Bridge has a response to that question:

"It is a help to knowledge, thereby your knowledge is raised.

Thereby your memory is strengthened;

♥ thereby your heart is warmed.

♥ Thereby you will be freed from sinful thoughts,

♥ thereby your heart will be tuned to every duty.

♥ Thereby you will grow in grace.

♥ Thereby you will fill up all the chinks and crevices of your life,

♥ and know how to spend your spare time, and improve that for God.

♥ Thereby you will draw good out of evil.

♥ And thereby you will converse with God,

♥ have communion with God,

♥ and enjoy God.

I (ask)...is not here profit enough to sweeten the voyage of your thoughts in meditation?"

  • William Bridge (punctuation changed)

What are some things that the scriptures say is worthy of meditation? A few are:

1) God's Word

2) God's creation

3) God's providence

4) God's character