26 October 2009

Love-What a Heart Needs Most

I do not love someone because he is right. It seems evident that it is an empty exercise to try to"persuade" anyone towards religion because I have better argument since inclination has to do with self-will.
Indeed, changing one's opinion on matters of faith is not easy. First, one needs to be "change-able" and second, the love needs to be potent enough to "tip the balance" of doubt and that demands not only a sense of moral constraint emotionally, but more.
It needs to be clear what is happening in this circumstance: people are tying the deepest part of their identities to what they believe, which makes the stakes very high.
So, in addition to a certain emotional persuasion, what is it that people wish for? Well, in a human relationship would we expect a normal person love someone who is always doing them wrong? No, for there certain qualities (which bear a shadowy resemblance to sensibleness), such as faithfulness and being true, which, if continually and intentionally omitted, makes its own mess of the quality of love and place an intense strain on the love relationship.
It might be said that there is something in the human spirit which desires both simple love and simple sense from the God who is Love. That is, humans wish to worship a God who loves them-one who can take them in every state-and still love them. We need that. Yet, we also sense that this God must be somehow good to us: be righteous to us. He’s got to be true and truthful, down to His very word. If not, we’d prefer to worship some god which allows us some semblance of self-respect.
So, I do not normally recommend Christianity to people on the basis of its reasonableness, but rather on the basis of its appeal to our need for personhood and for place. (And, if a Christian leader strips worshippers of either, he has not got a real working-knowledge of Christianity.)

I have not found a God-honoring man in history – or in my experience - who could demonstrate compassion and loyalty (commonly stated as mercy and truth) as Jesus, the Christ. Only He was and is the embodiment of real love and respect. 

Christ is knowledge without pride, wisdom without fault, and love without pain. 
Fully transparent, fully available, he makes himself permanently ours wielding the powers of Heaven.