21 October 2009

Unholy Little Moments of Unbelief

Do you put things in life, including your religious obligations in one mental “box”? 
But when you are in pain or confused, do you turn to the Lord, only to find that you have put Him in a separate mental "box?"  

If you so, you are normal, not yet understanding what a disciple is.

And when you catch yourself doing this, be clear about it: that these two boxes ought to be one box.  God is the God of creation, which is to say He not only rules the earth, He created it. His nature and character and concern is such that He cannot literally be kept out of boxes in your life. 

Indeed, we tend to deny Him in our "box" - a pernicious occupation of ours.  It is as 'natural' as breathing, though it is deleterious one.  And this mental state is an illusion.

Little children have such illusions about their parents. A child who sees mom or dad  leave the room, wails like a mourner. 
Why? Their mind is not yet enlightened so they live under the illusion that they have been abandoned. Indeed, to the child, mom or dad no longer exists.

So it is with our unholy moments of unbelief, faithlessness and fear. 

What we do not know and cannot know, we will cast it around the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God as a cloak of illusion. 
We are deluded. 
Still, my belief (or unbelief) about God does not change Him. Rather, my unbelief changes me.