03 March 2010

The Landscape of Prayer

To say God is eternally creative sounds-almost trite-of course He is. To understand this as a reality is overwhelming in its potential for transforming your life.
Let’s assume you pray, and let’s also assume that you believe that God hears the prayers of His children. If this is the case, then you likely believe that His answers will come. The question that one normally harbors is when? Will you be like Joseph and go years without an answer, or will you get an immediate answer?
But, there is another, larger question which we ought to examine in ourselves as we pray for His answers. Are we counting on His answers to our prayers to be a perfect reflection of our own requests?
If we are, then we might not recognize His answer. Why? because rather than appearing as an answer to prayer, He will answer us as His own children but from His own understanding which, of course, is omniscient. And because it is omniscient, it's formidable!
One thing we ought never forget in our prayers is how we can never fully know is how little we know about own limited understanding of His Creative Self!  We  know intellectually that His creative 'mind' never flags or falters; nor does it replicate what He has done in the past. Do we know that as a heart-reality? 
And, yes, His creative answers can invade my little world of prayer.
The question is do I dare to believe that? do I dare to pray this way?
Do you?