30 May 2010

What Has God Got To Do With Creative Acts?

On the Creator & the Creative Act:
"...the image of the Trinity was made in man,
[so] that in this way man should be the image of the one true God."
- Augustine: On The Trinity
"...God, as Godhead [Trinitarian], appertain neither will, nor knowledge, nor manifestation, nor anything we can name,
or say, or conceive.
But to God,as [He is] God, ...express[es] Himself; 
 without any creature...And without the creature, this would lie in His own Self
as a Substance or well-spring,
but [it] would not be manifested or wrought out into deeds.
***[But if] God will have it to be exercised and clothed in a form......it cannot come to pass...without a creature."
- Theologia Germanica  
In an analogical fashion, any creative act of the human mind has this characteristic:
"In thought, the sense of the setting and ones knowledge of the characters are  all present simultaneously. In [the act of] writing, something of these elements has to be conveyed in sequence."
- J. D. Beresford: Writing Aloud

Brackets [ ] inserted to help clarify.